Monday, April 6, 2009


Apparently, while Jen and I were out one night...Mason learned a new phrase from his sisters! Mason enjoys going around and saying everyone's name in the room, since he is now talking ALOT more:) He calls Courtney "Korn-ee" and Erika "Erca" and Erika's friend Britney "Brit-ee"
When it got to Courtney's boyfriend Jason...Courtney states "His name is butt munch".
The next time Jason was over, which was a week or so ago, Mason was running around saying "Munch, Munch!!" Which of course I replied, 'Mason, we do not call people that!'
Today...Mason was saying ...."Mutt Munch, Mutt Munch".
Again I said 'Mason we dont say that...!' (as Jen and Erika are laughing). Well, I guess I should be proud he is pronouncing his words better!!!

Oh my freakin migraine!

I am writing this on behalf of Jen the dear one who is suffering terribly with a pissy migraine. For the greater part of the evening thus far she has sat and conversed with me whilst wearing a large blue surgical glove filled with crushed ice held to her head. ...the girl is suffering. Meanwhile she is letting me, her adoring coworker play with her blog (which by the way is going to be super fabulous... just you wait.) Here's hoping our girl is feeling mucho mas better in the am.